Directorate of Library and Documentation

Our Mission
To support and develop the educational activities of Konya Technical University; To provide uninterrupted and qualified service by providing the information resources our users need in order to achieve our goal of being a research university.

Our vision
To be a research university library that has achieved international standards.

General Information
Our library in the Development Campus started to serve in 2020. Our library; It continuously improves its printed and electronic collections by supporting traditional library services with technological developments in order to ensure the most effective and fastest access to information and documents in the education, training and research activities of our university. Information about our library resources is given below:
Number of printed publications: 37.732
Number of electronic publications : 7125 (Purchased) + 79.179 (Subscription)
Number of databases : 29
Number of journals: 177

Number of e-journals: 39.469

Number of e-journals: 85.190
Number of theses: 620

Ground floor Basement

Magazine and Newspaper Reading Department

Reading Hall (76 People)

Computer Workspace (6 Persons)
Administrative Offices

Group Study Rooms (101 People)

Thesis Room
Periodicals Room
Library and Reading Room (Under Construction)

Our library has 25 private study rooms (total of 101 people), a reading hall for 76 people, 6 individual study computers, 1 catalog scanning kiosk, 1 barrier-free loan device and 1 book scanning device. In addition, we continue to work to increase the working areas of our users. The construction of a reading room for 84 people and a new library on the basement floor is planned to be completed in the coming months and put into service for users.

Library Study Halls
1 room for 10 people (meeting room)
1 room for 8 people
3 rooms for 7 people
4 rooms for 6 people
3 rooms for 4 people
2 rooms for 3 people
9 rooms for 2 people
2 rooms for 1 person

Total : 25 rooms, 101 people working area.

Library reading room: 76 people.

Engineering Faculty Fuat Sezgin Reading Hall: 100 people.

The planned basement reading hall: 84 people.

Library Usage Areas
Ground Floor: 1520.10 m²
Basement Floor: 604 m²

Faculty of Engineering Fuat Sezgin Reading Room: 250 m²