Application and Research Centre

   Ornamental Stones Application and Research Center started to operate in 2016 in order to increase the income level of the people in non-agricultural areas in the scope of  “Developing models for the dissemination of agricultural/off-season income generating activities in rural areas of Kop Region by doing research” which is included in the KOP Action Plan prepared by Konya Plain Project Regional Development Administration Department(KOP BKİ).Ornamental Stones Application and Research Center continued its activities from the date of its opening until 2019, and it was closed for various reasons and became active again within the scope of Konya Technical University on 06.06.2021.The general purpose of the centre can be sum up as; to continue the theoretical and applied studies of researches in the field of workable stones and gemstone processing, to provide undergraduate and graduate education, to reveal the economic potential of gemstones throughout Turkey, to seek solutions to problems, to provide consultancy services, to conduct scientific and technical studies and meetings.

Activity Areas of the Centre

a) To carry out the technical and scientific researches needed in the projects related to machinable stones and gemstone processing both inside and outside the University, to carry out production and training and to provide consultancy on these issues,

b) To cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations for research and application in the fields of machinable stones and gemstone processing,

c) To plan scientific and technological research that will help the improvement and development of the region and country,

d) To organize target-oriented national and international congresses, conferences, exhibitions and courses,

e) To educate the public and provide technical support.