Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


The mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is to equip its students with contemporary knowledge and to let them gain vision for competitive national and international arenas and able to successfully carry out its engineering tasks and therefore to be preferred in its field of work; to support them for having the ability of design, analytical thinking and problem solving; to help them to be determined, creative, entrepreneurial, committed to lifelong learning, and capable of using modern tools for engineering applications; to create the awareness of taking the responsibility of protecting the environment, health, safety and profession and who act in accordance with business ethics and serve the country and world.

Besides the undergraduate education of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, it has aimed to contribute to engineering and architectural science and technology, to develop technology, to bring solutions to regional and national engineering and industrial problems by carrying out nationally and internationally accepted studies for graduate students who are the driving force of scientific development. It strives to increase the academic manpower of qualified researchers to achieve these goals.

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences makes efforts to provide the required facilities, laboratory and computer equipment for its students in order to fulfill this mission.



To achieve high levels in engineering education by considering success and modernity in the national and international arena, to have standards to contribute to engineering science and technology, to be a leading reputable and well-known educational institution.