Distance Education Application and Research Centre

About us

Konya Technical University Distance Education Application and Research Center, which started its activities in 2020, opens the doors of the education world full of opportunities for you. It is a center that aims to achieve its goals at the international level, adopting the student-centered education philosophy on this path we set out with the principle of "Pioneer of Development", keeping up with the developing world technologies, at the same time providing support to the relevant academic or administrative units by conducting scientific and technological research.


KTUN-UZEM To organize e-learning-based courses and programs and activities in associate, undergraduate and graduate education with distance education, to support the courses given at the university with e-learning, to organize postgraduate education programs through distance education, to help organize professional knowledge, diplomas, certificates, etc. for all segments of society in fields. It aims to spread knowledge to the society by organizing programs and to adopt the principle of lifelong learning to the society.



Our Konya Technical University Distance Education Application and Research Center started its activities on 06.07.2020 within the framework of the regulation published in the Official Gazette numbered 31177.


Our vision

To be a leading centre that increases the effectiveness of education and training by using modern information and communication technologies, comprehends the importance of lifelong learning, adopts meeting the educational needs of people as a principle, has a sustainable education system, is open to innovations, can compete at the national level, can compete at the national level, and is open to international cooperation.


Our Mission

To be an innovative center that is open to research by following the developments in the world in the field of Distance Education, ensuring the quality of the activities of distance education at our university, offering approaches and solutions to ensure equality of opportunity in education, producing projects.


KTÜN - UZEM Quality Assurance Policy

  • Continuing studies in harmony with the mission, vision and goals of the university
  • While using the advantages of the distance education method in the most efficient way, developing appropriate monitoring and improvement methods within the framework of the principle of participation for its disadvantages,
  • Realizing our internationalization goals by using the facilities provided by distance education.
  • Increasing student and instructor competence and satisfaction in distance education processes
  • Periodically reviewing and renewing SWOT analyses
  • Efficient and effective use of all resources in line with the strategic plan
  • Ensuring the participation of relevant stakeholders in the processes, effective communication and cooperation with them
  • Bringing the distance education processes to certain standards and acting in this direction


KTÜN - UZEM Education and Training Policy

  • Creating learning-oriented education processes, raising individuals with learning competence who can quickly adapt to changing global conditions.
  • Ensuring stakeholder contribution in updating education in a way that will comply with current and contemporary requirements.
  • Continuing education in variable conditions with different face-to-face or distance education methods in line with the needs, establishing and using the necessary technical infrastructure and technologies for this.
  • Ensuring the establishment of corporate culture and the continuation of education with the aim of 'unhindered university'
  • Ensuring that the research and development experiences and knowledge of the academic staff are integrated into the constantly renewed and developing education and training.
  • Carrying out alternative and effective assessment and evaluation processes in the evaluation process of student qualifications.
  • Ensuring detailed reporting of all educational activities that take place in distance education processes
  • Seeing the student as the focal point of all processes and activities of distance education


KTÜN - UZEM Management Policy

  • Being transparent and accountable
  • Aiming to constantly update and increase quality in education and training
  • Using the current potential for country development, increasing competitiveness and international recognition
  • Instilling awareness of lifelong learning in academic and administrative personnel and contributing to in-service training
  • Increasing the infrastructure and capacity of associate, undergraduate and graduate education


KTÜN - UZEM Research Policy

  • Giving importance to interdisciplinary cooperation and stakeholder views
  • Contributing to in-house services and trainings that will improve research competence
  • Increasing performance by constantly reviewing research performance and outputs


KTÜN - UZEM Internationalization Policy

  • Publishing a web page in English to ensure recognition
  • Evaluate and update policies regularly, paying attention to the views of international stakeholders.