Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports

The Directorate oh Health, Culture and Sports was established in accordance with the 46th and 47th articles ( altered with the Law No 2880 ) of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 in order to preserve the physical and mental health of students of our university, provide them with accommodation, nutrition, study and rest, let them make use of their extra-curricular time, enable them to gain new interests, provide services that will enable them to develop their talents and personalities in a healthy way, train them as individuals who take care oh their mental and physical health, get them to adopt the habit of regular and disciplined study, rest and entertainment altogether.

For this reason, the Directorate oh Health, Culture and Sports is a service unit that meets the needs of our students with its social, cultural counselling and guidance as well as being an application centre where implementations and researches are carried out in this field to support education and training.

With the beginning of the registration period of the academic year, the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports starts its activities after the determination of their interests by making auditions and guiding in order to make use of the extracurricular time of our students who have applied to register to our faculties and high schools and are now a nember of our University.

At our university, there are various communities that are tied to the Student Communities Directive and operate under our Directorate and other units. As in every academic year, these communities will continue their work with new participation in this academic year and all their work will be supported by the Directorate oh Health, Culture and Sports.

Our Directorate serves with an understanding that values your works and suggestions with its existing staff and tries to produce solutions for your problems.


Our aim is to provide adequate and quality nutrition, accommodation, health service, cultural and sports events, psychological counseling and guidance services with modern methods in order to protect the physical and mental health of our students and staff and to help them be useful for the society.


Our vision is to be a unit intended for students and employees in all available service areas, equipped with information and technology, using resources efficiently.