Directorate of Library and Documentation

Dear Users,
For the resources you want to be added to our library collection, you can submit your request by logging into the Artwork Request Module.
Click here to request a work.
A. General Rules
1. Our university library users (All Academic Staff, Administrative Staff and Students) can request publications. The provision of the publication is decided by the Department within the framework of the collection development policy.
B. Book Purchase Policy
1. You can request for publications that are not available in our library and to increase the number of existing publications.
2. There is no limit on the number of publications to be requested. The publication purchase budget allocated to the Department is spent in line with the criteria established by considering the numbern of faculty members and students in the units at the university.
3. Broadcast requests from our users are evaluated by the Information Source Selection Commission and decided to be purchased.

Requested works are evaluated according to the following criteria:
a) Compliance with the programs of our university in terms of subject and language,
b) Compliance with the books and non-book resources in that field available in the collection,

c) The importance and status of the author or editor,
ç) The cost of the resource,
d) Whether it has been used in bibliographies,
e) Suggestions of university lecturers,
f) The reliability and standards of the publisher and the proposals and decisions of the Library Commission, if any,
g) Suitability of physical form.