Directorate of Library and Documentation

Duties of Library and Documentation Department
1. To provide all kinds of information such as books, periodicals, thesis, micro-films, audio-visual materials, videos, tapes and similar information from the country and abroad in order to meet the information and document needs required by education and research, and by systematically arranging the stored information. to make it ready for use by those in need,
2. To ensure that the tools and equipment are regularly renewed with the latest technology in order to provide the library services in the best way,
3. To provide access to databases other than those provided by ULAKBİM and to make tenders,
4. To provide library users with new opportunities within the framework of changing information technologies by following new developments in the field of librarianship, and to ensure that university academic publications are open access,
5. To make correspondence and negotiations with relevant institutions and organizations on matters concerning our university within the scope of duties and responsibilities of our Department within the framework of current laws and regulations,
6. To provide loan books and documents between libraries,

7. To ensure that procurement and tender transactions and Public Procurement Authority Transactions (tender, specification sales, commission formation, responses to objections, defences, publication of announcements in the bulletin, dispatch procedures) are carried out within the scope of departmental services,
8. To carry out the works and transactions within the scope of the Regulation on State Archive Services on behalf of Konya Technical University,
9. To perform other similar duties as assigned by the higher authorities.