Coordinatorship of Scientific Research Projects


Our Mission

  • To support the production and dissemination of knowledge that will benefit our country and humanity,
  • To create an advanced research infrastructure and to contribute to its efficient use,
  • To provide sufficient financial resources for scientific research, to manage, to distribute them effectively and fairly,
  • To develop cooperation with interdisciplinary, national, international, sectors and non-governmental organizations,
  • Increasing the academic success of researchers, facilitating their academic life and thus contributing to the social effectiveness and prestige of the university.

Our vision

  • One of the pioneers of the science that produces, spreads and manages the knowledge beneficial to our country and humanity,
  • One of the leading universities in the world with the number of national and international publications, patents and citations per researcher,
  • To be a research-oriented university that has become a center of attraction for successful young researchers.