Directorate of Construction and Technical Affairs

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a basis in order to reach the goal of a modern university by using the specified budget effectively and efficiently. For this purpose, we take it as our duty to carry out the construction of the buildings (educational and research  buildings, social and cultural areas), the maintenance and repair of the existing areas, infrastructure, landscaping and the provision of uninterrupted electricity, water, sewerage, heating, communication services, landscaping activities such as afforestation and all kinds of technical services. Our mission involves:

  • Carrying out examinations and studies regarding the building, facility and similar requirements and priorities of the university and reporting it to the higher authorities.
  • Preparation of the annual investment programs of the university and the related budget in line with the targets set by the Rectorate
  • Preparation of related projects and tender documents within the framework of investment programs; finalizing tenders, controlling the constructions, accepting the completed works
  • Providing the needs of electricity, water, sewerage, heating, communication, and carrying out  small urgent maintenance and  repairs in a timely manner on condition that the supplies and expenses are met by the relevant units.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and repair of existing university buildings within a plan and program
  • Continuation of the campus afforestation activities and the cultivation of green areas on condition that the supplies and expenses are met by the relevant units.