Coordinatorship of Corporate Communications


As one of Turkey's best technical universities, Konya Technical University offers its students a contemporary education opportunity aiming at a continuous improvement with its 50 years of experience and dynamism, despite its new establishment.

Konya Technical University Coordinatorship of Corporate Communications is a dynamic and active body of the institution, and in a sense, it serves as a window of the University to the outside. Our Coordinatorship, which carries out the activities of Corporate Relations and Promotion, Organization and Media Production and Communication within the Development Campus, acts as a bridge between the faculties, departments and units within the University, as well as between the University and other institutions and organizations.

Duties of the Konya Technical University, Corporate Communications Coordinatorship;

The duties and responsibilities of the Coordinatorship are carried out in cooperation with the six departments that are obliged to work;

a) Representing the Corporate Communications Coordinatorship

b) Carrying out the tasks to be performed in line with the objectives specified in the Coordinatorship directive,

c)  Submitting a regular work report to the Rector regarding the work of the Coordinatorship,

d) Making the necessary business plans and regulations in order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the units in the Coordinatorship,

e) Promoting our University through media,

f) Supporting students’ social and cultural activities,

g) Supporting scientific and social activities of our academicians and announcing their successful projects,

h) Organizing the allocation of the University halls for the use of the University in various organizations,

i) Filming, archiving, duplicating, publishing the events held at our University on the web, archiving old records and transferring them to a digital medium,

j) Announcing news about our University on the internet.

Press Office

Duties of the Press Office:

1- Following the written, audio, visual and digital media related to the University locally and nationally, processing, archiving and presenting this data to the relevant administrators,

2- Communicating with press organizations, ensuring that the news of the University is included in the press effectively,

3- Converting the information about events and accomplishments coming to the Coordinatorship into a news format and directing them to be broadcasted.

4- Ensuring that the events and organizations are announced as news.

Social Media Office

Duties of the Social Media Office:

1- Managing and updating institutional accounts on social media,

2- Analyzing the rating on social media,

3- Answering students' questions directed through their social media accounts or helping the students through social media by directing them to the relevant units.

4- Providing various and effective solutions for communication problems by following the management of the social media communication of other universities and institutions.

Promotion Office

Duties of the Promotion Office

1. Employing written, visual and digital materials such as videos, news bulletins, photos, films and albums to promote University.

2. Establishing contacts required for the University to join fairs, organizing the process, and participating actively in the fairs.


The Internet Office

Duties of the Internet Office

1. Updating the University’s and the Coordinatorship’s web pages.

2. Sharing activities, announcements and news on the website,

3. Keeping the University’s and the Coordinatorship’s web pages up to date.


Graphics and Design Office

Duties of the Department of Graphics are as follows:

1-Making designs pertaining to the University’s Institutional Identity

2- Providing all visual materials and graphics such as brochures, invitations, card designs etc. that the Coordinatorship needs

3-Producing visual designs of the content to be shared on social media,

4-Creating Invitations, posters etc. related to university events

The Department of Photography and Imaging

Duties of the Department of Photography and Imaging are the following:

1- Photographing and imaging the events held at the University,

2- Editing the captured photographs and images,

3-Archiving the photographs and images.