Geomatic Engineering

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. TAYFUN ÇAY

Erasmus Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. ALPAY ABBAK

Farabi Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. LÜTFİYE KARASAKA

Objective: Graduates of the Department of Geomatics Engineering Undergraduate Program, developing solution suggestions to meet the requirements in the basic subjects of Geographic Engineering (Geodesy, Surveying Technique, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Cartography etc.), making quality production with theoretical and applied information, renewing themselves, leadership and together they are engineers who have the ability to work, take an active role in projects, use current professional equipment and computer technology effectively, develop software at a basic level, explain and defend their solutions to all concerned by using written, verbal and visual communication techniques effectively, execute their work within the framework of professional and ethical responsibilities.

Vision: To become an internationally recognized prestigious department that provides education and training in line with the needs of the country in the light of current technologies, contributes to science and technology at the national and international level through scientific research and practices, and offers its graduates to the service of the country and humanity.

Mission: Prepares and implements a comprehensive and continuously improved curriculum for students wishing to study Geomatics Engineering with the education given at the undergraduate level. Within the framework of this curriculum, it trains its students in accordance with the educational objectives it has determined.

Language of Education: Turkish

Program Description: 4-year undergraduate program

Admission Registration Requirements: Higher Education Institutions Exam, Foreign Student Exam, Transfer Exams

Graduation Requirements: The student must have succeeded in all the courses in the program and is obliged to have a grade point average of 2.00. Student success is evaluated according to Konya Technical University Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examination Regulations. 240 ECTS must be provided for graduation.

Measurement and Evaluation Principles: It is carried out according to Konya Technical University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations.

Employment opportunities: Graduates have the opportunity to work as engineers in public institutions and private sector organizations. It is also possible for graduates who have the ability to establish independent business to work in their own workplace.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Graduates who have successfully completed the program can apply to graduate and doctorate degrees in the field of Geomatics Engineering or other disciplines that accept students from this field.