Mining Engineering

Department Chair: Prof.Dr. Niyazi BİLİM

Erasmus Coordinator: Dr. Hasan Ali TANER

Farabi Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Veysel ZEDEF

Educational Objectives: The educational objectives of the program, which is determined in accordance with the self-determination and self-duty definition expressed for our Mining Engineering Program, is to train mining engineers who can use basic sciences in mining engineering, have sufficient knowledge of surface and underground mining, have sufficient knowledge about ore and coal preparation, are able to solve the engineering problems he encounters by thinking accurately and analytically, are able to generate new ideas from the knowledge they have learned and are self-confident, are able to follow technological developments and apply them to their own field, have enough awareness about the mineral resources of the country, are able to follow the developments in mining in the world and the country, have teamwork awareness, are able to express their ideas clearly with self-confidence and are good at communicating with people.

Vision: Our vision is to carry out an education program that can meet the needs of the national and international mining sector, to raise students who can present and discuss solutions to all kinds of professional problems with an open mind, to contribute to science at national and international level with academic studies, an internationally recognized respected is to be part.

Mission: Our mission is to prepare students as individuals who are equipped with technical knowledge, solve the problems they encounter with the ability to think analytically, have gained design skills, are entrepreneurs, understand the importance of learning and consider social and economic issues in mining engineering practices, and are also environmentally conscious individuals with professional ethics awareness.

Program Language: Turkish

Department History: The Mining Engineering Department within the Faculty of Engineering started education and training in 1992. Beginning from the first year, when an average of 60 students start their education at the beginning of each academic year, basic science courses, engineering science courses and vocational courses related to Mining Engineering are given to students to prepare for working life. With the laboratory applications, field studies, graduation thesis, design projects and summer internships, students are also provided with experience in their profession. The department started English-supported education in the 2003-2004 academic year, and the total education period increased to 5 years with the 1-year English preparatory class. In addition, evening education program has been put into practice in our department since 2005-2006 academic year. English preparatory class is available in both curricula.

Admission Registration Requirements: Students are placed in our department with the central system according to the results of the LYS exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning: In accordance with the provisions of the Adaptation Directive, our Adaptation Committee evaluates the courses taken by our students who have taken transfer to our department or placed with the LYS exam and are exempted from the courses in accordance with the course plan and curriculum of our department.

Graduation Requirements: In order for a student to graduate from our department, he / she must have taken and completed the courses required for graduation in the program, successfully completed the applications, internships and similar studies, and the graduation weighted average must be at least 2.00.

Assessment and Evaluation Principles: The measurement and evaluation principles of our department are determined according to Konya Technical University Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations.

Employment opportunities: The fields of work of our graduates are: Exploration of coal, metallic mine and industrial raw material deposits by various methods (such as gallery, well, drilling, geophysics), safe, economical and environmentally friendly operation and enrichment of mineral deposits within the framework of technical principles, underground excavations for various purposes such as transportation, storage, shelter, planning and management of occupational health and safety studies in enterprises.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Our graduates can continue their education in Turkey and abroad within the quotas and principles of doctoral and graduate education opened by the graduate institutes.