Coordinatorship of Erasmus+





            To provide education and training activities in an effective, impartial and transparent manner within the framework of the Erasmus+ student exchange program and increasing the recognition of both our country and our university in abroad and directing students, academic and administrative staffs from abroad to our university. To improve the quality of education with different perspectives to the educational activities which we carry out with the sharing of knowledge of the academic staff who come to our country and our university with the mobility of teaching from abroad. Moreover these, it’s aimed to make cooperation permanent and sustainable through bilateral agreements with higher education institutions in the program countries and partner countries within the framework of the Erasmus+ student exchange program.



            Participating in the European Union Education Programs at the highest level, and contributing to the creation of an internationalized university environment in harmony with the Bologna process. Being aware of the advantages of cultural cooperation, we aim to be beneficial to the university and country and work for developing these values. Moreover these being a coordinatorship providing international exchange and cooperation with the overseas we offer opportunities to students, academic and administrative staff.