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(YÖS) Application and Registration of International Students

For the application and registration of International Students:

1. Applications are made to Konya Technical University Registrar's Office between the dates specified in the announcement.

2. They can be made personally or by mail provided that the documents required for the application are submitted in time.

3. For the applications to be accepted,  the arrival date of the documents to the University is taken into account, and delays due to mail are not.

4. The results will be announced on and the relevant unit's website.

5. Students are registered by the relevant unit between the dates specified in the announcement.

6. Candidates have to bring their documents in person and in full during registration.


Address: Konya Teknik Üniversitesi Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı

Akademi Mah. Yeni İstanbul Cad. No:235/ Selçuklu/KONYA 


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