Department of Visual Auditory Techniques and Media Productions

Head of Department: PROF. DR. CEMIL SUNGUR




Purpose: Our aim is to train technical staff who have learned and absorbed the relevant concepts and terminology in the field of printing and publishing technologies, who have the ability to recognize and apply the new systems needed in this sector, who have the skills and capability to solve the problems that may arise in the field, who can keep up with the developing technology and is equipped with the ability to meet the needs of the industry quickly, who have the knowledge to use all kinds of software and hardware in the field of graphic design, printing and publishing that the sector needs, and that can work in all areas of the industry including quality assurance.

Vision: The Department of Printing and Publishing Technologies has the vision of raising qualified technical staff who can produce fast and effective solutions to the needs of the society in accordance with international norms and criteria in their field.

Mission: The Department of Printing and Publishing Technologies takes it as main duty to train participatory and dynamic technicians who research, question, protect their cultural values and respect others, who can think globally and serve humanity through contributing to the development of the country and the region by using information and technology.

Medium of Instruction: Turkish

Description of the Program: In the Printing and Publishing Technologies program, students receive the basic education of all stages of the printing process, both theoretically and practically. Students learn and use desktop publishing programs related to the field, learn the printing systems at the printing stage, make the selection of the appropriate printing for the job, perform the stages of the printing processes, and learn the points to be considered in quality control after printing. They also learn the importance of business organization, cost extraction, pricing, packaging design, project preparation and job security. It is an associate degree program that aims to equip the students with professional and academic qualifications.

Admission and Registration Requirements: If the candidates have a high school or equivalent school diploma within the framework of the conditions determined by the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Council of Higher Education and the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (OSYM), and if they have received a sufficient score from the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) in the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS), depending on the quota, they are entitled to enroll in our programs. The associate degree programs that Vocational and Technical Secondary Education Institution graduates can be placed with additional points are explained in the "HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS EXAM GUIDE".

Recognition of Previous Learning: Students who have studied at another higher education institution before can apply for exemption from some courses. For this, they have to submit the transcript and course content as explained in the terms of application. They can be exempted from the appropriate courses after necessary evaluations.

Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from this associate degree program, students must be successful in all the courses in the program curriculum, have at least 120 ECTS credits, and must complete 2 mandatory workplace internships (Industry Based Education-EDE) consisting of 30 working days. Students are trained for 2 years (4 semesters) in this program.

The Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment and Evaluation process is based on Konya Technical University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Exam Regulations. In-class activities are implemented by the academic staff by transferring them to the students at the beginning of the semester.

Employment Opportunities: Students who graduate from the Printing and Publishing Technology program, in line with the competencies and skills they have gained, can work in Graphic Design Units, Public Relations, Customer Relations, representative firms, Production Planning Departments, Quality Departments, R&D (Research and Development) Departments that produce goods/services in the Printing and Publishing sector, Publishing houses, Newspapers, Printing houses, Agency services, Ink companies, Solvent producing companies, Mould companies, Film companies and subsidiary companies, Packaging design companies, Production departments of packaging companies, Label industry, Sub-branches of visual media production companies and relevant public institutions and organizations.

Transition to Higher Level Programs: Lateral and vertical transitions are possible in accordance with the relevant legislation of YÖK. It is possible to transfer from our department to 22 undergraduate programs about visual and audio media productions such as journalism, advertisement promotion, public relations graphics, etc. as indicated in the DGS guidelines of ÖSYM by taking Vertical Transfer Examination. Our students can also continue their undergraduate education by registering directly to the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of the Open Education Faculty.