Continuing Education Application and Research Centre (KTUCEARC)


KTUNSEM strives to be a pioneer in lifelong learning studies with its knowledgeable and experienced instructors, a prerequisite as a priority in individual or corporate training requests for the information society. Furthermore, we have set goals to create a quality culture in accordance with the management approach of our university with the aim of being an effective, efficient, competitive, focused on superior performance, internationally recognized and respected entrepreneurial continuing education center. In order to meet the present and future needs and expectations of our internal and external stakeholders, we try to transfer our knowledge to future generations, to keep up with technological developments, to convey the technological developments we follow to our stakeholders by ensuring change and development by continuously improving education, research and service processes.


In order to share the knowledge of our university, KTUNSEM aims to develop, prepare and coordinate educational programs  in international standards with the knowledge and experience of Konya Technical University's experienced staff for public institutions and organizations, private sector, individuals with undergraduate and graduate degree, in line with their needs and to provide consultancy and training services for the staff, public or private sector in the fields they need, to project and carry out their demands within this scope, to publish all kinds of publications, to organize training programs, courses, seminars, conferences, exams and similar events at local, regional, national and international level. Also, it carries out all kinds of activities including coordinating these activities with other centers and promoting university facilities in these areas. Moreover, KTUNSEM  endeavors

to increase personal and social knowledge, skills and competencies,

to serve for Turkey's development in a broad sense by disseminating the progress and knowledge in the field of science and technology in the society,

to renew itself constantly  to ensure that these innovations reflect on the service quality,

To inform the relevant persons, institutions and organizations and the private sector through announcements about training programs,

To give participation certificate, certificate of achievement, certificate etc. to those who participate in training programs and succeed,

To prepare training programs that will ensure the elimination of deficiencies in social issues by showing sensitivity to them,

To encourage individuals for  self-realization in order to be able to have a qualified profession, to fulfill all the requirements of the profession, to use the workforce more efficiently, to keep up with the era more quickly, to be more successful in human relations and to absorb these all as a lifestyle.


With reference to the principle of "making lifelong education accessible to everyone", our vision, as an educational center constantly renewing itself,  a close follower of the requirements of the era, aiming to be useful to Turkey and the Turkish people, is to be a  pioneer, well-known, reliable and respected training center  with the training and opportunities  provided for the qualified individuals who desire to reach the ideal.