Coordinatorship of Disabled Student Unit


It is among the goals of our university to prepare the necessary academic environment for the education life of the disabled students studying at Konya Technical University by facilitating their daily activities within the university campus, and to take the necessary measures and make arrangements in order to ensure their full participation in education and social life. The aim of the Disabled Students Unit, which was established in this direction, is to facilitate the participation of students with disabilities who are studying at our university in social life and to identify the problems they may encounter during their education and to take necessary measures and make arrangements in this vision. For this purpose, as the coordinator of the disabled student unit, we plan to organize meetings and events, thereby identifying problems and offering suggestions for their solution. In addition, it is aimed to carry out awareness studies with all administrative and academic staff and students of Konya Technical University.


Unit Coordinator: Assoc. Bilgehan YILMAZ ÇAKMAK

Contact: KTUN Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture, 


phone: 0 542 2731850

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