Coordinatorship of Occupational Health and Safety



To contribute Konya Technical University to be an exemplary institution in the field of occupational health and safety.


To mediate the coordination of boards and units within the Occupational Health and Safety organization established under the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 of Konya Technical University.




Konya Technical University has adopted it as a priority goal to take all measures and implement practices in order to create a working, learning and living environment in which all employees and stakeholders will be physically and spiritually healthy and safe. The basic principles guiding its activities in this direction are as follows:


To adopt the prevention of occupational accidents and work-related diseases as a priority approach with a risk-based, pro-active approach with the awareness that occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, and to carry out and support studies in this direction,

By establishing the culture of safety in all units of the university, by promoting occupational health and safety targets, to ensure that all employees own, support and participate in the work on this subject,

To contribute to the studies that will ensure the detection, notification and prevention of occupational diseases,

Ensuring the coordination of the units working within the university in occupational health and safety services with each other, as well as ensuring the communication and cooperation of individuals, units and institutions inside and outside the university, encouraging their joint work,

To support scientific research that will contribute to occupational health and safety,

To encourage activities for legal, scientific and technological developments in order to improve occupational health and safety practices.

To help employees receive occupational health and safety training in a comprehensive, continuous and qualified manner.

To encourage trainings for employer and employer representatives, and similar trainings for occupational health and safety professionals, for groups in need and on subjects that are needed.

To organize activities where students will acquire the basis of occupational health and safety knowledge that they will need after graduation, both in the university environment and the fields they study, and to encourage the opening of programs and courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.