Coordinatorship of Quality







Konya Technical University Quality Coordinatorship was established in 2019 to evaluate and develop all the processes of the university, and to plan studies on the approval and recognition of quality levels through an independent external evaluation process.

Konya Technical University Quality Commission was established after the Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation was published in the Official Gazette on 23 July 2015 and entered into force. The Quality Coordinator continues to work to support the duties of the KTÜN Quality Commission and to ensure coordination between units. The activities of KTÜN Quality Coordinator are grouped under the following headings;

Evaluation of educational and research activities and administrative services in line with the strategic plan and objectives of the university,

To determine the institutional indicators and to carry out the studies to be done in this context in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the Higher Education Quality Board and to submit these studies to the Senate for approval,

Conducting internal evaluation studies and preparing the annual corporate evaluation report containing the results of corporate evaluation and quality improvement studies and submitting it to the Senate, sharing the approved annual corporate evaluation report with the public on the website of the institution,

To make the necessary preparations in the external evaluation process, to provide all kinds of support to the Higher Education Quality Board and external evaluation institutions,

Working in cooperation with the Academic Unit Quality Commissions and providing the necessary support in their studies.




Its graduates are devoted to universal values, researcher, productive, sharing, self-confident and competent; producing science and technology with sustainable and innovative research; providing human and environment oriented solutions for the development and welfare of the society; To be a research university that designs and carries out pioneering research activities in its fields.




To raise entrepreneurial and competent individuals who are committed to ethical values; to lead the production of knowledge, design and technology; to present knowledge and experience for the benefit of society on a regional, national and global scale.




To provide effective and efficient education, research and cooperation in line with the mission, vision and values ​​of our university, to be an entrepreneurial, competitive and superior performance-oriented, internationally recognized and respected world university, to create a quality culture in accordance with the understanding of quality management, with the participation of all our stakeholders in the Quality Assurance System. To ensure the continuity of change and development based on ethical principles and law, innovative and continuous improvement.