Society of Map Engineers

About the Community

The Geomatics Society (Geomatics Engineering Society) was established in 2018 by KTUN students as a branch community within Konya Technical University.

Since its establishment, it has organized many seminars, interviews, technical trips, picnics, collective theater organizations, concerts, and professional, cultural, and social exhibitions.

It has contributed to Geomatics Engineering by hosting the first of the "Turkey Geomatics Societies Summit 17-18 July 2021" organization at the national level online with the theme of "Common Future in the Digital Age".

Aim and Goals

Since its establishment, the Survey Engineering Society has continued to work as one of the most active student societies. We are a community that aims to establish a network of respect and love for all our working partners while always being together with a respectful and collaborative attitude within and around us, in constant cooperation with many communities.

Contribution to their career planning and direct impact on their intellectual lives is our most important promise to our members. The effect we want to create in each of our friends who are members of our community; He is an exemplary individual for the society and his environment in terms of moral and ethical values, social intelligence, and social interaction until the day he deserves to bear the title of "Engineer".