Electrical and Electronics Engineering




Having graduate students

  • sufficient engineering and professional knowledge in sufficient width and depth in the fields of electricity and electronics
  • absorbed enough knowledge to transform their knowledge into design and practice
  • can open their own business or open their own businesses
  • the knowledge to make problems, to create solutions to problems in new areas, to follow foreign professional resources and to communicate with foreign colleagues
  • to use current software languages, to maintain a lifelong learning desire, to multi-disciplinary and team work, social responsibility and professional ethics awareness
  • to be easy-to-communicate, self-confident and entrepreneurial electrical and electronic engineers.


Our department aims

  • to reach international standards in undergraduate and graduate education and training
  • to be able to design an original system by following new developments in its discipline and compete globally
  • to be sensitive to universal values and using professional knowledge, using knowledge and technology for the welfare and happiness of the society.


The misson of our department is

  • to be preferred by successful university student candidates through education and training at the undergraduate level
  • to teach students the ability to transmit, develop and apply information in matters that industry and society need within the engineering discipline
  • to have students gain the ability to participate in and contribute to scientific and social activities at national and international level within a multidisciplinary team understanding
  • to place an awareness of working in a country where technology is rapidly developing, by carrying ethical responsibility
  • to improve the quality of life in our country, and also to undertake scientific research and development in addition to undergraduate education
  • to train graduate students, who are important stakeholders, as master engineers and academicians specialized in Electrical or Electronics in basic and applied engineering studies that are accepted nationally and internationally
  • Graduating with the skill of finding solutions to disciplinary problems and producing new projects, educating and guiding scientific excellence in a global scale, gaining self-confidence, creative and effective (written and verbal) communication skills

These are MISSION of our department.

Programme Language: Turkish